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Ibiza (Spain)



Ariel Zutel plays the Handpan, along with an array other instruments, in a unique, organic and soulful way.


"Music started calling me in 2001 and since then, rhythm has been my companion. When the Handpan arrived in my life, I was ready to dive into the world of melody, harmony, and groove. My journey has taken me all over the globe, exploring the inner worlds at the same time, creating new spaces of non-judgment and no thought, where we can just be. The music can also take you to other dimensions, projecting you into infinity.I love to create spaces of harmony whilst spreading joy. I hold a deep desire to engender peace through musical vibrations that bring tranquility and soothe our emotional seas, while navigating our soul to the innermost cove of bliss we all have inside, waiting for us to return home.“ 


He offers musical concerts for private villas, weddings & restaurants, playing his original music on his Handpan collection, accompanied by his voice. In addition he plays the Shamanic Peruvian flute, which takes the audience into a trance. He also offer concerts in tandem with different musicians, ranging from a guitar singer/songwriter, cellist, percussionist (for a more lively set), and also play alongside selected DJs to animate a house or club party.


Sound Journey: The inner journey, where he takes the listener/meditator into an inner state, to a transformative space that connects each one to their essence, opening up new channels inside. The non-dual state of being is manifested and your body, energy field, and emotional state are guided towards balance and healing. He offer this in a solo configuration where he brings his Handpan collection as well as vocal toning, the Shamanic Peruvian flute and sound bowls. In a duo setting, he collaborates with a gong & sound bowl healer or a female singer/priestess. Offered in retreats, yoga classes and medicine ceremonies.


Dance Events: A live music set played by 3-5 musicians, which takes you from stillness to dancing. The X Collective experience will transport you to the groovy realm and you'll get to dance in co-creation with a full band playing in feedback to your movements and energies.

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