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INTIMATE IBIZA is a Full-HD audiovisual Music Video project by Cavalli Ibiza and it combines the beauty of Ibiza captured in the views by videographer Lorenzo Melissari (Break The Logic, Ibiza) and the music of Cavalli Ibiza's artists. 


A beautiful project, emotional and intimate. Unadulterated and pure, in all the beautiful colors of this magical island

and all its most beautiful sounds. A mix of beauty, aesthetic, and real Ibiza feeling.  A journey we embark on with our

eyes and ears. 

The one-hour Full HD videos, which can be viewed on the Intimate Ibiza YouTube channel, show unique drone shots of the coasts, as well as fantastic underwater shots of Ibiza, accompanied by emotional music from selected DJs. The aim of INTIMATE IBIZA is to show the beauty of Ibiza in pictures and music, far from mass tourism, and to sensitize the viewer/listener to nature, plants and the landscape, the animals, the ecosystem and the environment above and below of the ocean of Ibiza with respect and care and to protect them.

Let yourself be surprised. 

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