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Ibiza (Spain) / Dusseldorf (Germany)



Bormacher is a German-Ibiza based DJ. After years of residencies in German beach clubs, the musical leap and direct breakthrough on Ibiza followed in 2016. Since then he has been DJing continuously on Ibiza.


From the famous Cala Bassa Beach Club, to Alma, Bar Mambo, to Las Dalias. He is also at home on the waters around Ibiza and Formentera. Like on the pirate ship, Marco Polo, where Hot Since 82 has also played. He is also a regular at private events in Ibiza, where he also plays his unmistakable style.


On the international stage, he regularly plays at festivals, such as “Nature One”, “World Club Dome” in Germany, and in various clubs. Whether in Germany, Spain or e.g. also in Luxembourg.


Bormacher’s driving, musical style goes from downtempo, to deep, progressvie, tech, melodic to Indie and from chill to energetic, from the beach to the club.


Bormacher can also be found on the radio. For several years he has had a residency on the Germany-wide radio station “Deutschlandfunk Nova”. But also in Ibiza at some radio stations.


Bormacher started DJing at the age of 14 and has been involved in underground house music ever since. There have been several offers for him to go commercial over the years, but he has always resisted going in his personal direction. 


For him, making and DJing music is about the purity of the music. The goal of making the most of that special moment. He is about the connection of time, place and audience, to go on an intense, special, unique journey in that connection.


Music is vibration and energy. Music is the connector that forms all of this into a unity and makes it special.


This is the basis on which Bormacher’s special connection to Ibiza was born and has existed ever since.

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