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Ibiza (Spain)



Passionate about music, Joes Vedra today celebrates 20 years of experience in this field. Influenced mainly by AfroHouse and Latin culture, he made his first steps in the trendy clubs of south-west France. Unique energy! 

A complete instrumental richness which he shares with the public, and a craze for groovy and musical elegance. This is what represents the spirit of this passionate DJ. 

A perfect mix of emotions, which won't leave you indifferent. A subtle mix of ethnic percussion and a flight of instruments, his unique energy has its place in his sets as well as his productions.

 Former resident DJ at the mytic  bambuddha, STK,côto Restaurant and the Rock Bar , today he travels to clubs all over the world and creates music that nourishes different cultures and encounters. 

Produced by the label:

Vamos Music, Rax, Wolfrage, FeelHype, SeeTheSea, blackTurtle and Marin record

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