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Ibiza (Spain)



Maricha is a DJ, Producer and Performer who hails from Siberia and currently resides in Ibiza.

Maricha calls her style «Intelligent Dance», which explores the ranges from deep house, melodic and organic house to downtempo electronic music, creating magical sets for intimate parties at sunset and captivating massive crowds with a frenetic, natural dance energy on larger venue dance floors.


In addition to her skills as a DJ, Maricha has remarkable vocal abilities, stemming from her time as a singer in her youth. She synthesises both of her gifts in her program, combining flawless DJ sets and live vocal improvisations for a truly singular experience.


Each appearance of Maricha is an opportunity to feel the aesthetics of a true artist and a transcendent experience.


Maricha produces music in the genres of Downtempo, Organic and Melodic House, has signed with various labels, among which can mention Songuara, Sirin, Lump, WAYU Records, Dialtone Records. All Maricha’s tracks are unusual stories with their own characters — sounds and musical plot.

Maricha has become a well-known DJ on Ibiza, where she is resident of Ethereal party and legendary places as Sunset Ashram, Casa Maca, Elements, COTO, Las Dalias as well as being part of international events at famous clubs Chinois Ibiza, Akasha, Pacha and Cova Santa. She has shared the stage with the most talented artists, including Bedouin, SIS, Luciano, Nick Warren, Megablast, Kintar, Iban Mendoza, Medusa Odyssey and Bahramji and amongst others.

Maricha is the host of 2 weekly broadcasts on Ibiza Global Radio. Every Tuesday from 11pm she shares Deep House music in her FLUID radio show and every Friday from 4pm plays soft and organic sound in her daytime show Inner Garden…

Go deeper into your dance … with Maricha.

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