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Ibiza (Spain)



Medusa Odyssey have created their distinctive and unique style of live electronic performances. True musicians at heart, they create their own improvised pieces, which they produce live in their sets with synthesizers, electric guitar, flutes, vocals and a drum machine.


Both artists from Argentina, Diego and Mariano have lived and worked in Ibiza for many years. Their music, deep house with a melodic tribal feel, is heavily influenced by their South American roots. Their live performances impress audiences at parties all over Ibiza, including "Woomoon & Storytellers" parties at Cova Santa, "Heart Factory" and "Do not sit on the furniture" parties at Heart, "ElRow" at Space & Amnesia, "Ethereal Festival" and "Namaste" at Las Dalias, or Ibiza hot spots such as La Torre Hostel, Elements, Kumharas, Sunset Ashram and Beachouse. Also in their unique and infectious concept with exceptional artist Bahramji as collaborator, they have performed together in 2019 at "Echo Waves Festival" in Georgia, "Iris" Beirut in Lebanon, "Rich Mix" in London, at "Blue Marlin" and "Iris" in Dubai, as well as private events in Cyprus.


Their unique way of playing live, experimenting with electronic music and acoustic instruments, has also been shown at countless festivals such as Berlin, Moscow, Argentina, Barcelona, Madrid, Linz, Prague, Lithuania and India. Medusa Odyssey released their track "Pahm" on "Nein Records" in March 2019, and their track "Puna" on "Pipe & Pochet" in September 2019. New productions and collaborations with artists such as Themba, Bahramji and Kintar will be released soon.


Medusa Odyssey can be booked as a duo or together with Bahramji.

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