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Barcelona (Spain)



From a very young age, Núria Garcia has been interested in music, which eventually led her to become a well-known violinist and electronic music producer. At first glance, these two disciplines may seem quite different. However, and thanks to her great passion, sensitivity, and charisma, again and again, the exceptional artist, Núria Garcia, manages to create a perfectly sound and harmonic environment for all her instrumental and electronic influences. Her spectacular, awe-inspiring, and wonderfully unique style seamlessly combines the ever vivid pulse of electronic rhythms with truly hypnotic vibrations of powerful basses, warm synthesizers and, on top, an exquisite touch of delicately moving electric violin sounds elevating your body and mind to unknown sensations and spheres  which you have never experienced before.


Violinist and producer of electronic music. Despite the fact that these disciplines sound disparate, with their great sensitivity and charisma, NúriaGarcia manages to create a perfect and inimitable sound environment.

Its imposing style perfectly connects the lively pulse of electronic rhythms with the hypnotic vibrations of its powerful basses, its warm synthesizers and the impeccable touch of a delicate and moving electric violin elevating the body and mind to sensations and vibrations that have never been experienced before.

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