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Ibiza (Spain) / Tulum (Mexiko)



Firepainting is the perfect combination between the World of Art and the Show.

It is a unique technique in the world that Paco has personally created and developed through which an automatic cauterization process of the paint is carried out; which allows to continue working on it and creating some very particular textures in it, allowing a rapid evolution of the work without specifying moments of drying. All this makes live painting more spectacular, visual and attractive to the viewer.

It is a completely safe technique because the flame is extremely volatile, it is barely active for 1 or 2 seconds while the flammable liquid is applied and it is self-extinguishing once said liquid is no longer applied, in addition to this it does not produce smoke or stain of any kind, being able to be carried out both indoors and outdoors without problem.

It does not require a large space for it, just 3 m2. The duration can be adapted to the time that is necessary for each event as well as the size of the work is also something that can be adapted.
All the works are made with 2 different types of fire, which creates different effects and textures, as well as favoring a more complete and diverse Show.

It is the perfect artistic brushstroke for any event since said work can be done during an act, ceremony, dinner or presentation in the desired colors and shades, as well as being able to end with a phrase, slogan, inspiring idea or corporate logo. 

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