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Ibiza (Spain)



Soul Of Zoo encompasses the harmonious aspects between the nature’s symphony and electronic music, crafting with their music a living organism with the capacity to transport us to another world where everyone is connected. Mixing different organic elements from percussion and acoustic instruments to spiritual vocal samples and natural atmospheres, blended with the warmth of analog drum machines and synthesizers, their storytelling abilities provide us with a magic carpet of a soundscape on which to take an ethereal journey. 

Soul of Zoo is an Electronica/Organica Music project created by Ben Eager. Passionate from an early age and rocked by the different cultures of the world and electronic music, Benjamin began to follow his musical path in 2016, and started to travel. After crossing part of the globe, playing in several countries and discovering new sounds and cultures, he decided in 2017 to move to Canada in Montreal to start producing his own music. Surrounded by synthesizers and drum machines, he met Robin, a talented multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer with whom he collaborates to compose and produce.

“Music is a journey filled with love, sharing, emotions & happiness that will never end.”

After major releases on labels such as Pipe & Pochet, Art Vibes Music, Lump Records, Inward, Baikal Nomads, Kosa, Cosmovision, they were approached by Guy Laliberte to play & produce a special remix and a ritual for PY1 Night “Eye Wonder”. In 2020, they were invited as artists and producers on a private island to participate in the Frog Collective organized by Guy Laliberto surrounded by talented international artists and musicians such as Hans Zimmer Orchestra’s, Tina Guo & El Amir, Delaram Kamareh, Dominique Fils-Aime, and many more.

“The meaning of our music is not describable, everything come from deep inside.”

After this incredible experience, they composed and produced in collaboration with The Frog Collective several EPs which have been released in 2021 on Guy Laliberte’s new music label Wannabe A Frog Records. 2022 looks very good, they have an official remix for Nhii that will be released on Pipe & Pochet, another remix for The Frog Collective will see the light alongside artists such as The Soul Brothers. And the icing on the cake, artists like Louie Vega and Bedouin are remixing two of their original tracks with the frog collective that will get released in the next few months. This year has a lot more surprises to come for Soul Of Zoo. 

“Every places are different, our mood, our emotions, the crowd, and the energy play a big role in our storytelling mix”

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