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Mexico City (Mexico)



TRECEVEINTE Based in Mexico, is the result of the rescue from our ancient sounds and organic instruments from our country and around the world looking to make a perfect fusion of organic and healing sounds with the electronic music bringing a new concept of healing, giving a vibrational experience to bring this medicine for the soul through music taking the Downtempo, Afro house, Melodic and Progressive tech in a fusion to the next level.

TRECEVEINTE means, the number of the natural frequency of the time in which life operates in a harmonic and synchronized way why Mayan culture believes. The Mayan culture had his own formulation of time based on 13 galactic tones and 20 frequencies, represent within the numerology different patterns that characterize our non-linear reality, likewise within the music this same order is represented by the vibration that achieve reconnecting to our true time.

Based on this ideology born TRECEVEINTE, with the help of The Note V, Mario Zetter and Osiris Heyerdahl musician and therapist with more than 20 years of experience, we make this possible for you, for us and pass through the heart to the soul to remember our origins.

Their Live performances have the goal to enter in to your heart and soul with the help of their live musician and therapist, giving you a complete experience and raining of healing frequencies perfect since open air festivals till small closed events, adapting them to the area and place that they need to perform.

The first opening from TRECEVEINTE was in the Esto es Tulum festival in Heart Ibiza and ADE in Amsterdam in 2018, and being part of the roster from Esto es Tulum Festival sharing with artist like Berohuz, Be Svensen, Kintar, Atish, Nour, Armonica, Sis , Kora, Space Motion, Pete Tong, Jean Claude Ades and more.

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