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Ibiza (Spain) & Austria



ZEITREICH began as a romantic couple in their native Austria, but once Martin and Kathrin arrived in Ibiza and experienced the magic of the white isle together, they knew they had to become musical partners as well. ZEITREICH was shaped by the energy, love and creative freedom they felt during that life-changing experience.


You can hear this in the music. The ZEITREICH of today encompasses B2B DJing and live improvisation with flute and percussion. DJing together simply wasn’t enough for their quest for freedom and fluidity—a live act was the natural progression. And who knows where the live act is going to go next? ZEITREICH is always evolving; capturing new inspiration along the way.


Look out for ZEITREICH at prestigious Ibiza venues such as Bora Bora Ibiza, Ibiza Global Radio, Akasha Ibiza, Namaste Ibiza, Sunset Ashram, Ibiza Sonica Radio, 528 Ibiza and Alma Beach and on quality labels such as Luvlite Recordings. There will be more to come from the studio soon…watch this space!


DJ & production duo, live act, boyfriend & girlfriend… ZEITREICH is a beautiful partnership in more ways than one. Music is their language and love is the message.

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